Holy Tranity!


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Holy Tranity! is a coming of rage tale about sex and love, youth and experience, life and death …

 Set in the neon glam 1980s, Holy Tranity! follows 17-year-old naïve runaway Jude as he explores his sexuality in a time when gay men were dying from a mysterious disease. Flat broke and dreaming of stardom, Jude auditions to be a stripper at the tawdry and near-bankrupt Rainbow Lounge in Montreal’s Gay Village. There he befriends the divine Ms. Gracie, transgender queen and the club’s star attraction, and her friend Michael, an ex-military mechanic who soon turns AIDS activist. Guilt-laden by his staunch Catholic upbringing and utterly rejected by his close-knit family, Jude grows dependent on a self-destructive cocktail of drugs and anonymous sex. Will the unconditional love of Michael, or the motherly caring of Gracie save him?

Nudity Explicit Content 18+